Sieg für den Mercedes-AMG GT4 in Spa-Francorchamps

Beim 12-Stunden-Rennen in Spa-Francorchamps hat der neue Mercedes-AMG GT4 einen weiteren Testlauf erfolgreich absolviert. Auf der legendären Ardennen-Achterbahn feierte das Mercedes-AMG Testteam Uwe Alzen Automotive den Sieg in der GT4-Klasse.

Die Fahrer Fabian Hamprecht (DE), Mike Stursberg (DE), Chris Tiger (USA) sowie AMG Test- und Entwicklungsfahrer Christian Hohenadel (DE) pilotierten den Mercedes-AMG GT4 mit der Startnummer 211 in der stark besetzten SP3-GT4 Klasse. Fabian Hamprecht startete das Rennen bei wechselhaftem Regenwetter von Gesamtposition vier. Während der nächsten 12 Stunden kämpfte sich das Fahrerquartett bis auf den ersten Rang vor und beendete das Rennen nach 215 Runden schließlich als Sieger der SP3-GT4 Klasse und als Dritter im Gesamtklassement.

Teamchef Uwe Alzen: „Das Team und unsere Fahrer haben am Wochenende einen grandiosen Job gemacht. Das 12 Stunden Rennen bei diesen Bedingungen als Gesamtdritter abzuschließen ist für uns ein toller Erfolg. Wir konnten zeigen, dass der Mercedes-AMG GT4 einen weiteren wichtigen Härtetest bestanden hat und wir freuen uns nun auf den Saisonabschluss am kommenden Wochenende bei der VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft am Nüburgring.“


Final race win for Hamprecht, new sponsor for Team StarChase as 2017 season wraps up

Shanghai. The season ended on a high-note for Team StarChase as Philip Hamprecht took home the first place win in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia’s final race of the season during Round 13 on Saturday.

With a full schedule of racing that saw a qualifying session, Round 12 and Round 13 all take place in a single day, Hamprecht began on a high-note with the P4 start after securing a 2:08.144 lap-time, just over a tenth of a second behind the grid leader, during qualifiers on Saturday morning.

He then rocketed from the starting line in Round 12 to immediately pile pressure onto the third place driver, relentlessly dishing out offensive jabs until finding his opening mid-way through the race and temporarily taking third. But his potential podium win did not hold as Hamprecht struggled for pace in the latter stages of the race, eventually ceding two positions to fall back to fifth where he finished the race.

Lessons learned, the real action of the weekend for Team StarChase was in Round 13. With nothing to lose in the final race, Hamprecht launched from a P3 start to immediately put pressure on the pack leaders, gaining an early position as he pushed past the championship table leader into second place. He was then left battling the race leader, with a constant barrage of bold challenges throughout much of the race eventually giving the young driver a window to make a perfectly executed pass into first place. From then on, it was a flawless defensive drive that revealed Hamprecht’s growing confidence and increased skill gained from a season of tough competition as he passed the finish line for final time in 2017 as the race winner.

"It’s great to end the season with a win. This is my first year racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and the level of competition is quite high. I’ve learned a lot over the course of the season, so I want give a big thank you to Team StarChase. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. A big thanks to my mechanics and managers for all of their advice lessons over the past year. It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what the future holds," Hamprecht said.

Showing phenomenal growth throughout his first season racing with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, the young driver’s evolving performance earned him 182 points to finish 5th in the championship table.

Hamprecht’s solid performances also earned Team StarChase two end-season Porsche Dealer Trophy wins, with Director of Group Services Samuel Yao joining the podium to receive the award for both Round 12 and 13. Team StarChase finished second in the Porsche Dealer Trophy Championship table with 206 points.

Big plans are already in place for next season, with two representatives from Team StarChase’s brand new sponsor BASF onsite to witness the successful race weekend. With exciting plans in store with BASF over the next two years, Team StarChase will return to the track in 2018 with a brand new livery and extensive support from their new sponsor.

"It’s been a roller-coaster season for us. Our experienced team and Philip’s motivation ultimately brought us back to the top after a tough start to the season. The win in the final race builds the expectations for all of the team members and sponsors as we turn our efforts towards 2018," Robby Niermann, COO of Team StarChase said.


Hamprecht nabs pole in Malaysia as StarChase ascends tables ahead of finale

Malaysia. The climactic late-season action continues for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia after a slick-track showdown at Sepang international Circuit. The progression of the young Team StarChase driver Philip Hamprecht was on full display in the penultimate Porsche Carrera Cup Asia race weekend as he tactfully challenged the series leaders in Round 11.
 Hamprecht nabs pole in Malaysia as StarChase ascends tables ahead of finale
Hamprecht began his conquest during Saturday’s qualifying round, temporarily grabbing the fastest lap early on in 30-minute session. But his time didn’t hold as he faced down a grid of ambitious drivers eager to gain as much advantage as possible in the final race before the finale in Shanghai. Still, the young driver doubled down, communicating closely with his team in the pits and pushing himself on the track. In the end, he managed a thunderous last minute lap to take the pole position for Round 11 with an ultra-speedy 2:08.672 lap time.
Starting from the pole for the third time in the 2017 season, the 19-year-old driver stepped onto the grid prepared to fight.  But the tumultuous tropical conditions stormed the grid with a sudden downpour immediately before the race started, resulting in a race delay and safety car start, forcing drivers to switch to wet tyres.
Undaunted, Hamprecht braced himself as the safety car went off in Lap 3, ready to defend his position. He was immediately pressured by the two championship leaders, fending off attacks from both sides as competitors simultaneously attempted aggressive passes on both the inside and outside turn. In a mixed show of pure talent and amazing resolve, Hamprecht hardily held them off throughout lap 4 but eventually had to cede his lead position to the more experienced driver.
He continued his battle at the front of the pack for much of the race, going tit-for-tat with the series’ top drivers for several laps before eventually settling back in fourth place where he finished the race. The solid performance earned Hamprecht a boost in the championship table, bringing him up to 5th place in the Overall class.
 Hamprecht nabs pole in Malaysia as StarChase ascends tables ahead of finale
“It was a tough race and the track conditions were not the greatest.  I was ready for the start and knew I would face pressure right away, so I think the team did a really good job of preparing me for that. I had hoped I could hold the lead a little bit longer than I did, but I’m happy to see our finish move us up in the tables and am looking forward to the finale,” Hamprecht said.
Just two races remain for the season as Hamprecht and Team StarChase have one month to prepare for the grand finale in Shanghai alongside the World Endurance Championship from November 4-5.
“We’re very content with Philip’s progression and his excellent performance in the qualifiers. Obviously he has a little more experience on the track after racing there earlier this season, so to come back and get the pole position shows that he is a quick learner. Our team reacted very well to the sudden wet conditions and were quick to adjust Philip’s car to gain maximum performance, so we’re very pleased with that. Shanghai will no doubt be an excellent end to the season and we hope to go out with a bang,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.

Night race win for Hamprecht during stunning Singapore street races

Singapore. It was a strong weekend in the championship for Philip Hamprecht and the Team StarChase crew at the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore as the young driver pushed hard under the night lights to receive a technical victory in Round 9 before executing a solid finish in wet Round 10.
Known for its difficult technical turns, minimal passing lanes and unforgiving corners, the Marina Bay Circuit has long been a tough challenge for drivers in Asia. But Hamprecht showed a confidence beyond his years on the track, starting with a respectable 2:19.442 second lap time in qualifiers on Saturday afternoon that saw him take two P5 starts.
Later that evening, Hamprecht stepped onto the track for his first-ever race at Singapore and the series’ first night race under the streetlights. Immediately he showed a hunger for the win, blasting through the first turn with incredible pace and overtaking the fourth place driver. With a gap between the race leaders and Hamprecht in fourth, he was left leading the mid-pack for much of the race as he defended an onslaught of attacks but expertly shut the door on each one.
 Night race win for Hamprecht during stunning Singapore street races
Hamprecht put in a fantastic performance to finish in fourth place, but was later deemed the winner of the round after the first three finishers were all handed penalties for missing the checkered flag.
He showed equal spirit the next day as a sudden burst of heavy rain wet the track for Round 10. Forced to use his wet tyres, Hamprecht was in hot pursuit of the P4 and P3 starters straight off the line but wisely held his challenges back as he waited for the right moment to pass. His patience paid off after he spotted an ideal opening mid-way through the race, sweeping in to make a perfectly performed pass and briefly lead the mid-pack. His luck did not last, however, and he was soon forced to give up the position but continued his fight throughout the rest of the round to finish in fifth.
“This is my first time racing in Singapore and it’s been an amazing experience both on and off the track. It’s a super tough circuit so you have to constantly be at the highest level of focus while driving, and I feel we did that well this weekend. The team was totally on point throughout both races and the qualifiers, providing a really excellent car. Obviously I would have preferred to take the Round 9 win by being the fastest driver, but in the end we are happy to take the points,” Hamprecht said.
 Night race win for Hamprecht during stunning Singapore street races
The Round 9 victory gave Team StarChase a boost for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Dealer trophy, solidifying a second place slot in the points table and furthering the team’s gap on the third place competitor.

“Singapore is always a special highlight of the season for the team, and this year it was no difference. The level of competition we’re witnessing in this series is incredible and I’m very proud of the way both Philip and the team have composed themselves – we have put in an indisputable challenge in each and every race this year. While we’re happy to take the victory for Round 9, our concentration still heavily remains on sharpening our skills ahead of the finale. With Sepang just around the corner, we’re looking forward to getting back on the track and pushing for a victory,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.

Top speed, tough lessons for Hamprecht and Team StarChase at Sepang International Circuit

Sepang. The evolution of Philip Hamprecht and his Team StarChase crew continued during Round 7 and 8 of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia at Sepang International Circuit as strong racing was tempered with tough lessons off the track.

Hamprecht built momentum as the weekend progressed, starting with a laser-quick qualifying session that saw him clock a 2:08.494-second lap to earn P2 in Round 7, just 0.008 seconds behind the P1 leader’s qualifying time. The session was cut-short after a red flag midway through, limiting the window for the team to clock their second fastest lap and resulting in a P5 start for Round 8.
 Top speed, tough lessons for Hamprecht and Team StarChase at Sepang International Circuit
The commendable qualifying time was transformed into a hard-earned victory for Hamprecht as he displayed keen instincts on the track in Round 7, refusing to cede a single position during the race while keeping the pressure on the race leader in an attempt to overtake. With a strong start to the race and continued pace throughout, Hamprecht showed true progression on his path to becoming a champion.
Round 8 provided a humbling chance to learn for the Team StarChase team. Despite a strong performance by Hamprecht, who came from the middle of the pack to fight two of the strongest drivers in the series and earn a third place podium, the team’s results were ultimately excluded for technical reasons after investigations from the race steward. Though disappointed to miss an opportunity to improve in the championship tables after such a strong performance over the weekend, Hamprecht and the team took away priceless knowledge from the encounter.
Rounding out a competitive weekend of racing was an invitational between the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Porsche Carrera Cup Australia. With an automatic 10 points for participating, Hamprecht used the race as a chance to further hone his skills in a friendly competitive setting, starting from P4 and battling with several Australian drivers to finish his third race of the weekend on the podium in third place.
 Top speed, tough lessons for Hamprecht and Team StarChase at Sepang International Circuit
“Overall, I would say it was a good weekend of driving for us. We obviously made a mistake and learned a very important lesson during the second race, which is something we will use to continue growing and perfecting our game. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with our performance and really grateful for all the hard work put in by Team StarChase,” Hamprecht said.
Hamprecht’s victory in the first race of the weekend earned the team an additional 20-points toward the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Dealer Trophy, spring-boarding Team StarChase into second place and inching them closer toward the lead.
“Philip’s performance was really strong throughout the weekend. It’s great to see him progressing as a driver throughout the course of the season. We are quite disappointed to lose out on the championship points in the second race, but I see it as a chance for our team to absorb that knowledge and continue advancing. We now have the chance to learn from this and will come back even stronger as we head to Singapore for the next round,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.

Two podiums, dealer trophies for Team StarChase as Hamprecht masters Bangsaen

Two podiums, dealer trophies for Team StarChase as Hamprecht masters Bangsaen
Bangsaen. It was a solid weekend of racing for Team StarChase’s Philip Hamprecht as he took to the streets of Bangsaen to clinch two hard-earned podiums in one of the most tricky, scenic tracks of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia calendar.
Hamprecht’s path to the podium began on Saturday morning with a qualifying session that saw two red flags come out, limiting the time for drivers to clock their fastest lap. Hamprecht was prepared however, taking to the track with vigor to snatch two quick 1:37.200 and 1:37.681 laps to secure P3 for both races.
With a solid start secured, the mission then became surviving the merciless turns and narrow walls of Bangsaen Street Circuit. Overcoming the rough starts that hampered the early season success, Hamprecht managed a perfect start for Round 5 as he swept into turn 1, keeping pace with the race leaders and defending admirably against encroaching competitors. He maintained confident race lines, holding strong until the safety car came out mid-way through the race.  With the cars regrouped Hamprecht began taking pressure from behind by the championship-table leader but refused any room for a pass. Keeping his cool as he warded off advances from the rear while maintaining solid speed, Hamprecht finished the race in third, earning Team StarChase its first outright Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Dealer Trophy win.
Onsite to witness Hamprecht’s maiden podium were close to 30 Team StarChase fans visiting from across China and Thailand, bolstering the podium presentation with loud cheers and huge support for the young driver.
Round 6 on Sunday witnessed Hamprecht once again pull off a solid start that saw him hounding P2 in an attempt to gain a position right from Turn 1. His attempts at advancing, however, were foiled by the narrow passing channels offered at Bangsaen. Settling into third, Hamprecht engaged in quick tempo racing that set him apart from the rest of the pack. With the safety car once more ushered out as another driver fell victim to the track, Hamprecht saw a last minute challenge but handled it with expertise, securing his second podium of the weekend with third and another Dealer Trophy for Team StarChase.
Two podiums, dealer trophies for Team StarChase as Hamprecht masters Bangsaen
“It was two great races on a really tough circuit. On a track like this you have to measure your risk. I’m grateful for my team in not only providing an excellent car for the weekend but offering solid advice as well. It was an incredible feeling to get my first win of the season surrounded by so many members of StarChase and Wearnes. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who was at the race cheering me on – they all made it a very special win for me,” Philip Hamprecht said.
With two Dealer Trophy wins for the weekend, Team StarChase is now closing in on the trophy table leader after jumping from fifth to second place.
“We are quite pleased with the results of the weekend. It was a beautiful setting and the chance to have a large group of StarChase members at the race as we grabbed two Dealer Trophies really made this a perfect weekend. Philip clearly showed he has the skills needed to win races, especially on a tricky technical circuit like Bangsaen, so we are quite proud of him. The team performed quite well also, giving us a top-shape car and great insights that helped us earn the podium. We are eager to get back on the track in Malaysia and continue pushing for our first win,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.

Podium für den Mercedes-AMG GT4

Fabian Hamprecht, Mike Stursberg und Thomas Jäger erzielen beim 7. Lauf der VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft den zweiten Platz in der SPX-Klasse und den 19. Gesamtrang.

Das Mercedes-AMG Testteam Uwe Alzen Automotive hat am Wochenende weitere erfolgreiche Testrunden unter Rennbedingungen abgespult. Die Fahrer Fabian Hamprecht und Mike Stursberg sowie AMG Test- und Entwicklungsfahrer Thomas Jäger pilotierten den Mercedes-AMG GT4 fehlerfrei über die legendäre Nordschleife. Bei trockenen, aber durch viele Unfälle schwierigen Bedingungen, beendete das Mercedes-AMG Testteam Uwe Alzen Automotive das Rennen auf dem 19. Gesamtrang sowie Platz zwei in der SPX-Klasse.

Fabian Hamprecht, Mercedes-AMG Testteam Uwe Alzen Automotive: „Wir hatten am Wochenende super Bedingungen bei bestem Wetter auf dem Nürburgring.
Unser Mercedes-AMG GT4 konnte ohne technische Probleme seine Runden absolvieren und wir haben viele wichtige Erkenntnisse sammeln können. Diese gilt es nun zusammen mit Mercedes-AMG auszuwerten und für die nächsten Rennen zu nutzen. Ich freue mich auf unseren nächsten Einsatz beim 12h Rennen in Spa-Francorchamps am 7./8. Oktober 2017.

Hamprecht blazes through qualifiers and clinches invitational podium at Fuji International Circuit

It was a weekend of ups and downs for Team StarChase in Round 3 and 4 of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia at Fuji International Circuit in Japan as Philip Hamprecht fought valiantly for the win, but was dogged by misfortune in both races.
Hamprecht proved his blistering pace once again as he conquered the qualifying sessions on Friday to put in two lightning quick laps, with 1:42.804 and 1:42.823 respectively, earning him the highly advantageous P2 for Round 3 and P1 for Round 4.
A tricky start to Round 3 on Saturday saw Hamprecht overtaken right off the bat, but was undeterred and continued fighting throughout the race, defending brilliantly as some of the series’ toughest piled the pressure on the young driver.  But, in the end, flagging tyres and tough challenges hampered his performance and he was dropped down to 6 just as the race was about to finish.
Executing a much improved start during Round 4, Hamprecht was plunged into some of the fiercest fighting witnessed so far in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia’s 2017 season.  Initially overtaken by the championship leader, Hamprecht showed unwavering determination as he clawed his way back with a truly spectacular pass that proved his capability for fine-tuned technical driving.  As the race hit its rhythm in lap 2, Hamprecht commanded a firm hold of the second place spot and was challenging the leader for first in a very promising performance.  But a freak accident between a driver further back sent a tyre flying across the turn 1 gravel and into the front right of Hamprecht’s car, damaging the radiator and forcing him out of commission.
Minor redemption was made later in the day during the invitational race between Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Japan, which saw 41 cars take to the grid. Battling both regular competitors and talented Japanese drivers, Hamprecht put in a stellar performance right from the start, charging his way toward the front and holding strong to clinch a third place and much-deserved podium win.
“The first round was really tough and I didn’t have a great start. That set me back from the very beginning and I was left defending for much of the race.  There’s not much to say about Round 4 other than that we were very unfortunate.  But that’s the nature of motorsport, anything can happen, you just have to do your best. I can’t wait to get back on the track and Thailand and bring home some wins.  I want to give a really big thank you to Team StarChase – everyone did a fantastic job and the car was great, I’m very grateful for all the support they provided over the weekend” Hamprecht said.
Despite the setback in Round 4, Hamprecht remains a strong contender with 41 points in the Championship table. Team StarChase is now looking forward to Round 5 and 6, where the team will head to Thailand on June 30th to compete on the scenic beachside street circuit in Bangsaen.
“It was a tough weekend. We clearly have the speed we need to get on the podium, as we saw during Philip’s fantastic qualifying times, but we’re still getting into the rhythm that will win us a podium. His performance was really strong Round 4, but hitting the tyre was incredibly unlucky. The team did a great job this weekend and did a solid job quickly repairing the car to get in ready for the invitational race. Our eyes are now on Thailand – which I hope will be a turning point for Team StarChase this season,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.

Trial by fire for Hamprecht in tough battles during Porsche Carrera Cup Asia season open

It was a tough season opener for Philip Hamprecht and Team StarChase as he fought for an early lead in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship during Round 1 and 2 at the Shanghai International Circuit over the weekend.
The race weekend got off to an excellent start as Hamprecht, participating in his first-ever GT3 race, put in a stunning performance during the first qualifying session of the season, managing two quick lap times with 2:09.099 and 2:09.208 earning him a P2 starting position for both races.
Facing a grid of some of the most experienced drivers in Asia, Hamprecht was dogged by series veterans in Turn 1, giving up his P2 position at the start but valiantly holding his ground at the front of the pack. However, misfortune struck after another driver’s shredded tyre sprinkled the track with debris and ushered out the safety car, disrupting Hamprecht’s momentum and causing technical troubles for the 20-year-old youth, leaving him struggling to finish the race. In the end, he finished Round 1 in 9th but took away invaluable experience.
Taking to the track with renewed vigor for a cold, wet Round 2 race on Sunday, Hamprecht was prepared for the turn 1 fight, keeping his position at the front of the pack and battling fiercely with surrounding drivers.  As the race progressed it was a back and forth fight for Hamprecht as he balanced defense and offense. The action came to a thrilling climax as Hamprecht, then in fourth place, strategically waited for the second and third place drivers to distract each other before making his move, executing a flawless pass that saw three drivers charging side by side in a dazzling bit of on track drama.  Hamprecht emerged victorious from the skirmish and was left defending P3 until a slick spot on the penultimate turn of the race sent him wide off the track, resulting in a fourth place finish.
Philip Hamprecht gave his own account of the weekend, saying: “It was a really tough weekend for me. In Round 1, my start was a bit slower than I would have liked and I got unluckily after hitting some of the debris on the track.  The second race was a really good fight, we hung in there until the end despite really rough track conditions. I learned a lot this weekend and want to give a big thanks to Team StarChase for all the incredible support they gave.”
His admirable performance in Round 1 and 2 earned Hamprecht 21 points in the Championship table, placing him in fifth as the team prepares to take the fight to the Fuji International Circuit in Japan for Round 3 and 4 on June 2-4.
“I think Philip did quite well for his first time racing GT3.  Obviously we faced some big obstacles this weekend, but that is part of the challenge of motorsport. In terms of the team, I think everyone did really well, reacting to each of the challenges with speed and precision and developing a solid strategy to give us the edge in both races. We are looking forward to applying the hard earned lessons from this weekend for an even better performance in Fuji,” Robby Niermann, COO of StarChase said.